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30 May 2017

In the latest episode of Westminster Watch, Dermot Hodson and Ben Worthy talk General Election 2017. Listen to the episode.

16 May 2017

Joni Lovenduski, founding director of the British Politics Centre, is the recipient of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Consortium for Political Research. Read more.

9 MAY 2017

Professor Michael Kenny (QMUL) delivered the latest lecture in our series on British political thought. He discussed E. P. Thompson and the history of English radicalism. Listen here.

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Let’s put the champagne on ice: the Commons’ missing women

By Professor Sarah Childs, Dr Meryl Kenny and Birkbeck PhD candidate Jessica Smith

Polling station

‘Record-breaking’, ‘unprecedented’, ‘historic’ – these were the headlines after Thursday’s UK General Election. Some of the articles attached to these celebratory headlines centred on the fact that there were more women MPs elected than ever before. Others highlighted that the ‘200 seat’ mark had been breached. Or championed the diversity of House overall, with rising numbers of BME, LGBT, and disabled MPs. But we’ve put the champagne on ice. Continue reading

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