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5 October 2016

Professor Rosie Campbell presented an episode of Radio Four’s Analysis programme last week, titled ‘Tearing Up the Politics Textbook’. Listen here.

15 September 2016

Amidst an unpredictable election with two historically unpopular candidates, Professor Rob Singh considers the question: Can Trump win?

11 August 2016

Following the vote to leave the EU, the Centre hosted a debate with staff from Birkbeck Politics, titled Brexit: What Now for the UK and EU? Listen to the podcast.

Upcoming events

26 October 2016

Whither Labour?: Lord Stewart Wood on the Future of the Left in Britain

9 November 2016

Dame Joan Ruddock in Conversation with Rosie Campbell

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The 2016 US Election: Trump Can Win


In one of the most unpredictable elections in decades, two of the most unpopular and divisive candidates in modern American political history, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, face each other at the ballot box in November.

The so-called fundamentals of the election, in a traditional contest with traditional candidates, should support a narrow Democrat win. However, with so much uncertainty around the two candidates and very high levels of undecided voters, no one is sure.

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