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30 August 2017

Sarah Childs and Rosie Campbell will participate in an event at the Fawcett Society on 5 September 2017 to mark the publication of their collection Open House?, a pamphlet of essays discussing the issue of job-sharing for MPs. More details.

16 May 2017

Joni Lovenduski, founding director of the British Politics Centre, is the recipient of the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the European Consortium for Political Research. Read more.

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28 September 2017

How Open is Britain and Where Next?

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Desperately Seeking an Elderly Gentleman with a Large Majority … to Persuade Parliament to Allow MPs to Job-Share

Open House

by Professor Rosie Campbell and Professor Sarah Childs

Or a woman MP for that matter. But they must be adored by their parliamentary and local constituency party so that both will be happy for them to stand as half of one of the first MP job-shares at the next General Election. We think it might take someone who understands Parliament, and is respected within it, to push the debate about making parliament accessible forward.

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