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21 January 2016

The Centre is delighted to announce that in February we will be joined by Conservative politician, former Universities Minister and well-known big thinker David Willetts for an evening in conversation with Tony Wright. Book a free ticket.

19 January 2016

Birkbeck Politics will host Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz to deliver a speech on inequality in March. The event is organised in conjunction with the Office of the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. Find out more.

13 January 2016

Preparations are under way for the 2016 Paul Hirst Memorial Lecture, titled ‘Are we not both human beings?’ and delivered by Professor Anne Phillips. Reserve a free place.

Upcoming events

8 February 2016

Book launch: The Biopolitics of Gender by Jemima Repo

10 February 2016

Paul Hirst Memorial Lecture: ‘Are we not both human beings?’

11 February 2016

David Willetts in Conversation with Tony Wright

16 February 2016

Charities Regulation Under Scrutiny

17 February 2016

The State of British Democracy: A roundtable discussion

2 March 2016

Joseph Stiglitz on Inequality

16 March 2016

Winning and Governing in Difficult Times: Gavin Barwell MP

12–13 May 2016

Gender Equality Policy and Accountability

Recent Posts

The Politics of David Bowie

As with almost everything about David Bowie, no one is sure exactly what his politics were. The Mirror claims he turned down an OBE and a knighthood in the 2000s. In 1977 he is quoted as saying ‘the more I travel and the less sure I am about exactly which political philosophies are commendable’. Nevertheless, many have seen ways in which Bowie’s career could provide lessons for how we do politics.

David Bowie

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